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Under the name " Digital Assets Switzerland " [DAS] there is a charitable and non-profit association according to the provisions of Art. 60 ff. of the Swiss Civil Code with headquarters in St.Gallen, Canton St.Gallen, Switzerland.

The primary goal of DAS is to establish and promote Switzerland as a leading ecosystem in the development and introduction of technologies, services and products in the field of digital assets. As an independent party, the association is intended to create transparency for all stakeholders and serve as a knowledge platform for members and other parties.


Our vision is to bring issuers and potential investors closer to digital assets and in particular security token offerings, to show their advantages and disadvantages and to promote the expansion of the ecosystem. The aim is to simplify the capital procurement and management processes for companies and SMEs in particular, and to make them more efficient, transparent and secure.


The project is lead by the Competence Center for Banking & Finance of the Eastern Switzerland University of Applied Sciences (formerly FHS St.Gallen).  

The project was only possible thanks to the support, resources, experience and inputs of the following practice partners:


  • fedafin

  • Drakkensberg

  • Mortgage bank Lenzburg

  • Kaiser Odermatt & Partner

  • KORE Technologies

  • PostFinance PFLab


  • WalderWyss

Many thanks to the practice partners and all other parties involved.

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