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Free initial advisory session.

As an independent comparison portal, we offer interested issuers a free initial advisory session.


The prerequisite for this is that you have previously filled out the tokenization navigator. This helps us to be able to classify your requirements more quickly and to be able to efficiently show you how to proceed in line with your needs. As the navigator ist only available in German please feel free to contact us directly for our assistance.

Note: Your details will not be saved. Therefore, please save the evaluation form on your computer and send us the document before the consultation.

Book your intial advisory session here.

Individual consulting service.

Our partners / association members are happy to prepare a tailor-made consulting offer for you.

Possible questions :

  • Which tokenization provider is best for me?

  • Which legal construct supports my business case?

  • Which partners do I need?

  • What do we need as a bank to offer tokenizations or digital assets ourselves? Which offers are conceivable for corporate customers and which for private customers?

  • What does an equity token bring me in comparison to issuing my shares in the conventional way  Sense?  

  • How can I give my investors more security?

  • How do I sell my security token?

  • What does my security token actually represent?

  • Where can we list our tokens or digital assets?

  • How can we build a functioning secondary market?

  • Where and in which countries can I advertise my token?

  • What belongs in a security token prospectus?

  • What are the costs for a security token?

  • ...

Book an individual consulting service.

Thanks for submitting!

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