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Our experts are happy to prepare a tailor-made consulting offer for you. Contact us and let us know where you could need our assistance.

Possible questions :

  • Which tokenization provider is best for me?

  • Which legal construct supports my business case?

  • Which partners do I need?

  • What do we need as a bank to offer tokenizations or digital assets ourselves? Which offers are conceivable for corporate customers and which for private customers?

  • What does an equity token bring me in comparison to issuing my shares in the conventional way  Sense?  

  • How can I give my investors more security?

  • How do I sell my security token?

  • What does my security token actually represent?

  • Where can we list our tokens or digital assets?

  • How can we build a functioning secondary market?

  • Where and in which countries can I advertise my token?

  • What belongs in a security token prospectus?

  • What are the costs for a security token?

  • ...

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